Six on Saturday: Still Stretching the Boundaries

Rambling in the Garden

Take one half-decent border (above) and take up the path in front of it:

Take out the plants in the front part of the border and temporarily pot them up, then dig over the remaining soil:

Build a wall round three sides:

Build a wall at the back, put the plants back in and ask the Golfer to lay a new path where the middle of the border had been:

Now build a wall  round the back section of the border:

Hey Presto, job done – and we no longer have that pile of bricks* any more! I have also gained not only level borders but access to plants that were previously in the middle of a border and ones I didn’t realise were still alive, and at least an additional square metre of planting space!

That’s my six for this Saturday, and now I am off to see what…

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