Forest of love

tales told different

Here we stand! You and me together!
In this place that has always been our own
Our forest of love
Where air glistens with embers of fate
delicate yet everpresent
sifting through flecks of fortune

Once, this place bloomed with colour and appeal
Caressed in silken webs of pleasure
Iridescent with mystique and allure
But now, insecurity and fear creep in
While comfort and bliss drain out
All that’s left is black and white emotion
Desire, distress
Delight, despair!
Our forest besmirched

Eerie fogs of distrust creep upon our canopy of dreams
Heartbreak prowls our bedrock of passion
And the terror of separation holds us in its grip
We slink and hide away in bushes o secrecy
As the panic of loss sets in
As the dread of loneliness falls upon our souls
As we asphyxiate in anticipation
Of pain yet to come

Yet here we still are! You and…

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