Writing: There is no one size fits all

Story Empire

Hi, SEers! You’re with Mae today for the first Mae Day of June. Summer is the time when I’m the least productive as a writer. I think that’s true of many of us as we become distracted by nice weather and outside activities. The again, maybe you’re highly prolific during the summer. If so, good going, and keep at it. I do a lot of daydreaming, plotting, and jotting story development notes during warm weather, but actual writing time takes a serious hit.

Which brings me to a statement you’ve probably heard more than once:
“To be a writer, you must write every day.”

Nah. I think not.

There is no one size fits all for writing.  As with anything, there are “best practices” for growth, but—especially with a creative endeavor—there has to be wiggle room. We’ve all heard it said, “find what works for you and stick with it.”…

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