Fibbing Friday 5th June: My responses


Earlier I set you ten questions and invited you to lie through your teeth.

Here are my answers:

What is the difference between Biweekly and a Fortnight?
7 days because each would alternate with the other.

How much oil would your lantern need to last a fortnight?
None, it’s battery operated.

If you spent a fortnight in Paris, what would you see?
Not much, as you’d be in quarantine under new government guidelines.

What’s the difference between a microchip and a micro chip?
One tastes awful and the other doesn’t fry well.

What’s brown, shiny and sizzles?
Sunbathers on the beach.

How is the best way to make lemonade?
With gin.

How many types of coke are there?
Loads, but it depends if you want to drink it, burn it or sniff it.

Why was a sundae glass so named?
It was to con kids into believing they…

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