Taking flight

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

I’ve been watching for a while. First, as the little bluetits explored their options, then as Mrs Bluetit decided against moving house, they began rebuilding, flying backwards and forwards with the materials they needed to make a soft, warm nest for their babies.

There was a bit of a lull then, as Mum got busy laying their eggs, while Dad defended their nest against all comers.

Now, the pair of them are running themselves ragged, cleaning the nest daily and making constant sorties, every few minutes, to bring food back for their babies.

They are far from tame, but totally unafraid of the strange creature with the camera. I don’t approach the nest, though there have been a couple of near misses as I have been walking close by as they come in to land. But they approach me, hunting grubs, seeds and small insects, with the desperation that is…

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