#Amazon amalgamates US & UK reviews


This week, while checking something on my Amazon UK book page for THE PRINCE’S MAN, I got a shock.

Instead of the 49 reviews it’s had for some time now, suddenly it was showing 77!

I know it’s selling steadily, but that’s a lot of new reviews all of a sudden, and I was eager to check them out. As I did so, I became confused – I could only find one new review.

Of course, every new review is precious, but what was going on with the numbers?

So I checked out the same page on Amazon US, and discovered 36 reviews had suddenly become 76.

And then I twigged – Amazon must have amalgamated reviews over the two sites.

Now before you tell me that the figures don’t add up (49 + 36 doesn’t = 77, or even 76) that I can explain.

Before Amazon became picky…

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