Sometimes God cries too

Kate Duff Poetry

I’m going to a funeral today

For a little boy

Who died at play

In a backyard swimming pool

On a bright and sunny day

When the worst he should have got was sunburn

I don’t want to go

I don’t want to watch the pain blooming in his parents eyes

A weed that will twist in their hearts forever

I don’t want to see his older brother

Barely six

Who in many ways

Will pay for this

For the rest of his life

A boy/man irrevocably changed


I don’t know why these things happen

Tragedies on hot summer afternoons

But I know standing there today

Amongst the other mourners

That have come to stand

Perhaps we each can take away

Some little piece of parent pain

If only there were enough mourners

To shoulder the blame

The blame we all carry deep inside us

That flowers when accidents…

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