#Wordle ~ 426 #Poetry



How can I laugh as I watch my life?

My dreams spiral into a shallow grave

My mother warned I would rue the day I met him

A sham from the start, she’d said more times

Then I wanted to hear, often reminding me

that the signal couldn’t be clearer

A man polishing his own shoes

Dying the grey in his hair, checking his weight

She was quoting from her own life,

which was a perfect copy of my own

I have been living in a shell of my own making

How can I have been so dense

Not to notice the late nights, the lame excuses

Five minutes of feeling sorry for myself was enough

I went back to work on my first draft

For the craft fair and my latest book

Doesn’t sound exciting, but believe me,

there’s more going on here than fifty shades of Grey

Reading it over, I notice I have written a note to myself

To send an SOS to the universe

Please remind me to choose a better life

Next time around…

©anita dawes

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