Put that in your pipe and smoke it, although you probably shouldn’t.

Tallis Steelyard

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, although you probably shouldn’t.

To be fair, in retrospect it is almost certainly all the fault of the Grand Archdeacon, (Acting) (Temporary). After all he was the one who led the official visitation. This is the sort of nerve-racking event which puts temple wardens on their mettle and has incumbents spending the week at one of the nicer retreat centres. Shrine register in hand, the Archdeacon would consult the document, ticking off items found and making notes and comments. It was only when he arrived at the inner shrine there were any real problems.

“Altar, sacrificial, stone.”
Maljie looked round in bewilderment. “I’m sure we’ve not got one of them.”

It was old Prophet Weden who came to her rescue. “Tis buried. Damn big block of stone, too big to get out the door. Couldn’t even smash it. So five incumbents ago they dug a damned big hole in the floor and buried it…

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