New Poetry from Balroop Singh


I am so excited to be part of Balroop’s street team for her new poetry book, Moments We Love. I’ve read several of her collections in the past (here’s one for Timeless Echoes) and always come away awed, inspired, and humbled.

Here are the basics you should know about her book–the blurb, details, an early review, how to purchase, and a few samples:

Balroop Singh’s Moments We Love

Book Blurb

Moments of fragrant love that stand frozen in time, of dreams that dare not unfold, of passion that fleets by, of erratic joy that we meet at the crossroads of life, butterflies of time that add color to our dark moments to scare the demons away – I have gathered all of them in this book. Some of them whisper softly to create a magical aura while spring of life sings with them, trying to wipe silent tears…

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