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Against the dark blackness of space, stars collide

Violent collisions occur throughout the universe

Is it by design, or did some strange force intercept their original pathway?

A work in progress, rather than a blueprint to work from

Constantly changing, developing new worlds

There are too many mysteries yet to be answered

Such as why did nothing intercept our development

Why are we the only planet with thinking bodies on it?

There are greater minds than mine,

who could answer the many questions in my head?

Where thought gets interrupted, leaving me to wonder

what would have happened if our original pathway had been intercepted.

Some would say, that everything changes.

I still wonder, are we in the right place, the right frame of mind

Did someone or something intercept my brain waves

before I picked up the pen?

For this is not what I meant to write…

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26 thoughts on “#BlogBattle: Intercept

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  2. This was really beautiful, and extremely profound! It reminded me a little bit of Sagan’s ‘Pale Blue Dot’ monologue. A really enjoyable piece, thank you for sharing it with us. 🙂

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  4. Like the ending as I often find digression pulls the writing awry and into new places. Almost a philosophical set of thoughts here. Close to my own ponders upon the cosmos… but nothing intercepting our development… do the five previous mass extinctions count as intercepts? Without those then would we be here to develop? Or even the quirks of our solar system with collisions and destruction…was each an intercept to create earth where it is?

    Then the wider cosmos with its seemingly infinite space…are we really the only sentient species or have civilisations risen and disintegrated before our solar system even came into being? Are they there and quiet for a reason…hmm there’s a sci-fi prompt for you!

    Great posts often make readers think and this has just done that! Excellent entry ladies once again!

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