TMI Friday: Pee Shorts

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The number of soft, wear around the house summer shorts I own is directly related to the number of times I might pee myself in a day. Normally, when it does happen, it’s only once. Once in a while, if I’m really sick or something, I pee out of all the shorts. Which reminds me, always have pads. Not just for your period. For those really sick days. But mostly, I have just enough shorts to handle any random moments like the kids begging me to jump on a trampoline, or a sneeze that catches me unaware.

I know, nobody really wants to know about an author peeing on themselves, but this is TMI Friday, and this author happens to be a mom. A mom who wishes things were more open about what really happens to our bodies after birth. Like, the real, gross stuff. We still don’t talk nearly…

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