#Writephoto ~ Forgotten #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Forgotten #writephoto



The constant drum beat of time

Has taken its toll on this beautiful building

Nature too has placed its mark

Yet the small oak door seems to have stood the test of time

Age has not touched it, silently inviting you to enter

Come see what lies beneath the blue grey granite walls

Right now, I am fascinated by the face of a young girl

Her eyes wide, with a touch a blonde hair

Overshadowed by the green passing of time

Beside her see the face of a man

He wears a flat hat, short trimmed beard

And appears to be on guard. A sentinel, watching over her

How have these strange marks appeared on the stone?

Did the weathering of time chisel them there?

I fear that it may not be by design

I see the sadness in her eyes

Did she exist before her countenance was placed there?

By some strange other world powers?

Does her story lie beyond the oak door?

Do I take up the silent invitation?

I decided that some thing should remain a mystery

Maybe another day I will pick up the gauntlet

Enter the hallowed room beyond the wall

Hoping there is a back door to the forest beyond

Her story is old, held by time

She will be waiting when I am ready to step inside…


Can you see her face?




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