TMI Friday: Butt Identity

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“Wait a second!” She said with a smile, before circling around me, and then coming back.  “Yep, it’s you!” she said. “I know you by your butt.”

I had started out in the middle back row, a perfectly reasonable place to start out an exercise class. On my right were all the skinny, young moms, gazelling across the gym floor in trendy colors.  On my left were the older women, reminding me of the hippo in a tutu in the movie Fantasia. 

I always liked that hippo.  She didn’t give a damn what the others thought. She was graceful and athletic and gorgeous. I want to be her when I grow up.

But anyway. There I was, hiding in the back when an older woman herded me to middle of the older ladies group. 

Do you ever find yourself in that place? Herded to a…

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