Dempsey’s Grill – The Final Character

A Crack in the Pavement

The older Sibling

HopeThe last but certainly not least of my characters is Gibson’s sister, Hope.

When I wrote the first draft Hope was nothing more than a side character. She was supposed to make a quick entrance, a smooth exit and nothing more. But something happened after that first draft.

Hope being Hope took over.

Women Rule

Looking back it was the women in Dempsey’s Grill who became the backbone of the story. At first I didn’t see it, but now it’s so easy to see. Gail and Hope are the strongest and the smartest and they willed me to write the best story I could.

On the surface Hope is a highly successful realtor. She succeeds regardless of the economy. She is hands on. She is intimidating and she is a step ahead of the competition.

This was as far as I intended to go, but Hope had…

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