Ina Vase on Monday: Penny Plain

Rambling in the Garden

There was no dithering today; I knew exactly which vase it was going to be and what was going to appear in it: this ‘flat’ car boot bargain and some of the first tulips that have opened. In fact it was a bargain vase all round as the unnamed white tulips came from an Aldi pack of 10 costing £1.49. I particularly like this vase for tulips because of the way the stems will flop over the sides as they get taller. Not surprisingly, the buds opened very soon after being brought inside, exposing their buttercup yellow and black innards.

The prop today is an old penny, dated 1899, a Queen Victoria ‘Widow Head’, and a very worn one at that. If anyone is curious about the value, it is negligible – not only because it is worn but because so many were issued. The ‘penny plain’ of the title…

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