Wipe the smile off its face.

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Long time readers will recall that I grew up in Nevada. Casinos are a part of life. You have machines in grocery stores, laundromats, everywhere. There is a lingo that goes along with casinos too. I’m referring to slot machines in this instance. Etiquette says to never leave a machine showing the jackpot you just won.

In this case the term was to “wipe the smile off its face.” You added one more coin and removed the sign of your victory. It’s just something everyone does.

Right now, I feel like something is taunting me. Take a look at this photograph.

It’s been like this for weeks. In this case the “smile” is 39 reviews and not 40. Somebody get in there and wipe the smile off Amazon’s face. The Hat is a fun story, and I’m going to write more stories about Lizzie and the hat. This is a…

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