#Writephoto: Hidden #Poetry

Thursday photo prompt: Hidden #writephoto


Image by scvincent.com



There are recesses in my mind

I would rather not revisit.

Hollow places waiting to be filled

Thoughts I would rather not put words to

The in between spaces where imagination lives

I visit, like falling down Alice’s rabbit hole

Without the rabbit or the red queen.

Here the flowers sing, roses spray

Their perfume as you pass by

The delicate scent of apple blossom fills the air

Rivers run over violin strings

Sun shines hot, yet never blinds

Rain when it comes is soft like

Butterfly wings against your skin

Grass grows beneath your feet,

You are walking on angels wings

Soft, soothing, every step you take

Walking barefoot never felt so sweet

Here when the day ends, the moon is always full

Dark rivers shine like silver lace

Stars shine brighter than any diamond

The Milky Way leads your eyes onward…

Where rainbows come and go like magic circles

Each planet whispers its own song

Never clashing with its neighbour

Your mind receives each gift heaven made

Angel voices, their faces unseen

Hidden, like the rabbit holes in my mind…



10 thoughts on “#Writephoto: Hidden #Poetry

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