The Night Book: a review


I haven’t finished this yet, but thought I’d do a review beforehand then if anyone wants to read it, they can find out for themselves!
This is the only book I’ve read by Richard Madeley, and as to whether I’d read another, I can’t honestly say.

Set in the hottest Summer on record of 1976, our main characters are Meriel Kidd, an agony aunt and celebrity, and Seb Richmond, a news reporter/journalist.
Meriel is married to an egotistical abusive bully and her life is the complete opposite of the happily married bliss she portrays to her listeners and colleagues.
She finds an outlet for her hatred of her husband by keeping a diary, in which she writes the gruesome details of various ways he meets his demise at her own hands.

Due to the unforgiving heat, Seb is reporting on the number of inexplicable drownings, believed to be caused by…

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