THE TENANT, A guest post by Jim Webster

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The Tenant

Garrat Stilforth Drane was very much the odd one out amongst the Drane
siblings. Whilst the others might have pursued unusual careers, Stilforth
(or ‘Young Garrat’ as his mother occasionally called him when his father had
in someway irritated her) appeared to have a deep seated aversion to
anything which might involve working for a living.

Unfortunately the obvious option, marrying well, was denied him. Even the
most generous described him as a ‘long streak of misery’. Thus abandoned by
the fair sex, Stilforth was forced to drift, ineffectually, from one
inadequately recompensed post to another. These he fulfilled in a
lackadaisical and half-hearted manner until his reluctant employer decided
with a feeling of relief that he could dispense with Stilforth’s services.
It was Meirdre, who, as older sisters often do, finally found him a suitable
trade. One recurring problem that beset the legal firm of Thallawell,

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