#Flash Fiction: Bird…



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A sparrow flew in my kitchen window today

My half-eaten sandwich lay where I left it on the draining board.

This unusual visitor took his time over his newfound breakfast.

Slowly taking my phone from my pocket, making sure the flash was off.

I held my breath, hoping my visitor would stay long enough for me to capture him. Then I wondered if he would find his way out without hurting himself.

I have had birds inside my house before and it’s the devil’s own job to get them out safely.

This one didn’t strike me as the panicky type and I had never seen one stop for a meal before leaving the way he had come.

I was fascinated by his dark eyes. The light reflecting on them made them look like dark jewels from some other time and place.

I wished him well on his journey to wherever he might be going.

My phone felt hot in my hand as I checked the photographs I had taken, but the tiny sparrow looked strange, an unearthly image, shining gold.

My grandmother always told me about a special bird that comes to visit whenever good news is about to be heard, and that evening, I was waiting to tell my husband that we were about to have our first baby.

Golden news on wings of brown…

©Anita Dawes

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