Stevie Interviews Author and Singer-Songwriter Donna W. Hill

Stevie Turner

Today it’s my pleasure to feature quite a remarkable author — Donna W. Hill.  As well as an author, Donna is a journalist, singer-songwriter and recording artist, civil rights advocate, and avid knitter.  She and her husband  Rich live in Pennsylvania’s Endless Mountains. 

You’ll find out why I think Donna is remarkable when you read her answers to my 20 questions below:

1.  How did you lose your sight, and at what age? 

It was a gradual process, not a specific point in time. I was born with an obvious visual impairment; I stared at light sources, not at toys or faces. At three, I was diagnosed as legally blind from Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP).

I had night blindness, tunnel vision and poor central vision. I could read regular print with difficulty (a word or a few letters at a time). I walked without any aids, but frequently tripped and…

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