The Watcher’s dilemma

Shamanic Paths

“Edge of the World”
(Found at The Fear Mythos Wiki)

I am Watcher. I’m in a high place, yet remain shadowed by brooding mountains that further darken a black sky. The gale flattens a campfire in front of me, casting all warmth to the western horizon. A tent-like structure behind me flaps urgently; in danger of being swept into the darkness. The rough blanket around my shoulders offers little comfort.

I am Watcher of Myself. I peer into the darkness. Some distance below, on a grassy promontory, I see Myself begin the calling. Raising the staff, I invite the East. Then the South. Then the West.

I am Myself. Lifting the staff to the North, I see the faint glimmer of a campfire. I am not alone in the darkness. The Watcher is near. In this, I find both strength and solace. I turn again to the East.


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