Pantsing Toward an Outline: a Hybrid Approach

Story Empire

hand holding red pen on manuscript pagesHello to all the Story Empire readers. P. H. Solomon here today with a few outlining ideas. We’ve had more than a few posts on this site addressing our approaches to this writing task ( which is admittedly odious to some writers out there). Here are a few of those posts:

Recently, Joan Hall gave us tips for being a pantser with her “Out of Order” post.

Mae Clair declared several months back that she wanted to stop pantsing (working by the seat of one’s pants) and why with her “Confessions of a (soon to be) Reformed Pantser” post.

Craig Boyack shared, “A friendlier way of outlining,” about his storyboarding techniques.

We probably have more posts about the subject but you get the point: there are a lot of different paths to development when it comes to writing a novel. I personally prefer having…

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