Anita’s Journey to the Planets ~ Venus

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Our cool blue sister Planet, our Morning Star.

Her true face hidden by opaque layers of cloud and sulphuric acid.

This doesn’t sound too pleasant for the Goddess of Love.

What lies beneath her shimmering clouds?

What secrets does she hide?

So often, the true face of love goes unrecognised in the daily grind.

How many of us have let go of that one person that should have stayed in our lives? What of those small acts of love we so often brush aside in our hurry to get on with our day.

Would that we could put love in a bottle and keep it with us. Spray it on our wrists in times of stress.  A new kind of Rescue Remedy?

Times up, Mercury is calling me…

As I look back towards Venus, our closet Planet, I feel her blue shimmer reach for me, reminding me that love is a lot closer than we think…


Join me tomorrow on my journey to Mercury?




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