When Your 90’s Boy Band Crush Falls In Love With You ❤️ Read My Book Review of ‘Getting Over Jesse Franklin’ #SundayBlogShare @imcountingufoz


I have decided to end my blogging break.


I read a really good book. Not just any book. It was one of those books where once you have finished it you just want to tell everyone about it, including uninterested pets and loved ones. Struggling to contain my reading euphoria and desperate for someone to listen to me I thought, ‘I will return to my blog and shout about it on there!’

This is what I love about books, they make you do crazy stuff.

Then I thought about how I missed my blog, how I cry myself to sleep hugging my BlondeWriteMore pillow, how I enjoy downloading my weird thoughts on a regular basis and how posting once a week actually feels good.

So, every Sunday, whilst high on coffee and tropical granola, I have decided to allow myself to get completely carried away with an emotional book…

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