#ThrowbackThursday Stealing Time by KJ Waters… Review


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The first book in this trilogy opens with an idiot thinking he could outwit Hurricane Charley. Breathless opening sequence as the storm seeks him out, followed by an accurate and disturbing description of what happens to somebody caught in a hurricane.

This storm affects the people in this story very differently. Ronnie, the female lead, is somehow transported back to the eighteenth century. She feels the same but looks very different, and in this strange antiquated world, she has an angry and violent brother.
There turns out to be a very good reason for her transportation, and it has a lot to do with a bracelet she wears. I loved the way the author makes us jump through time and back again, as we keep track of the storyline.

Going back in time is usually portrayed as an exciting occurrence, but not in this book. Ronnie has never been treated so brutally before, and the bloodletting scenes are brilliantly written. It’s not just Ronnie who has been misplaced, parts of history are not right either.

This book has it all. Mysterious circumstances, violent characters, historical facts, and more than a touch of the supernatural. Our heroine is subjected to an arranged marriage, a witch hunt and a little romance along the way. Her life is threatened more than once, and her struggle to live will leave you breathless.


About The Author

KJ Waters is the author of the Stealing Time series. Her prior work experience was as the Director of Marketing and Communications at a national health care company. Her award winning blog, Blondie in the Water, features water stories and information about the books. She is also the owner of Blondie’s Custom Book Covers helping authors and publishers create stunning book covers.

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