Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore -New Author on the Shelves for Christmas – Sea of Dreams: The Power of Four (Volume 1) by D.A. Henneman

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Welcome to the new series of New Author on the Shelves for Christmas.  This feature is for authors who are new to the Cafe and would like to share their books published before November 1st 2017. If you have a new book released since then we can feature that in one of the other Christmas promotions.

I would like to introduce you to D.A. Henneman and her books today beginning with Sea of Dreams: The Power of Four (Volume 1)

About Sea of Dreams.

Strange things are happening to Brooke Fisher that causes her to question her sanity. Her hot coffee freezes, her hair turns green; and that’s just the beginning. Is the handsome man who has walked into her life the evil Shadowman she’s dreamed of, or her heart’s desire? Her conflicting emotions confuse her reality, just as they did during her childhood.

Will Engel feels an…

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