A Day on the Edge of a Hurricane

Stories from the Heart

It started with a gentle breeze, growing in strength to become a blustery gale.  Passers-by held their skirts, protecting their modesty.  Ladies with long hair struggled to see past the candy-floss-like mass that swirled around their heads, covering their faces.

The whirling wind buzzed and whistled, rattling everything in its path, lifting piles of fallen leaves and allowing them to take flight, free to travel to a place where they had never been before.

Overlapping clouds drifted in the sky, oblivious to the chaos below, blocking out the light.

Growing velocity of the invisible force brought a strange light, a hint of yellow, adding to the autumnal scene.  Deepening in colour, the air whisking through the neighbourhood revealed a sepia scene, an apocalyptic sky.

Everyone stopped to stare, to point, and to photograph the star of the show; the sun, resembling a blood orange sliced in half.

The wind whispered…

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