Stevie and Sam go Ghost-hunting

Stevie Turner

With Hallowe’en approaching I thought I’d share a story about what happened when Sam and I went ghost-hunting a few years back …

There were about 30 of us booked in for a ghost walk around the Old Maltings, a Grade II listed building steeped in history at Stowmarket, Suffolk.  Sam came along because he’s still suspicious of mediums and all things paranormal, and he wants absolute proof of the existence of the spirit world.

The owners had dimmed the lights, and it felt quite spooky as we crept round and listened to stories of the many ghosts who haunt the building.  We all took photographs, just in case a ghost was feeling compliant enough to pop up.

After we’d had the tour (no ghosts to be seen unfortunately) there was a séance, which involved us all standing in a circle holding hands in the dark.  I was standing on…

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