‘Please copy/share to show you care…’ No, NO, Thrice NO!!! DP

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!


Priceless! Hilarious! But in a dark and scathing way! These attempts, I mean, to guilt-trip the unwary into signing, sharing, tritely commenting in the light (or should that be ‘darkness’?) of the old Facebook Care and Share Loaf of Emotional Bread Appeal…

I have done it myself. Many people I know have too. This kind of invidious nonsense catches us on our guilt bone (think funny bone but even more painful!) and triggers primordial fear – of being sent to Hell? Unfriended? Defrocked?

Fuck knows, frankly!

I am going to take the risk of making myself very unpopular. Won’t be the first time, believe you me. The approach immortalised in my title, used unto death on Facebook and other, similar, sites, is little more than emotional blackmail, however you look at it – and a potential open portal for hordes of hackers to launch virulent and vicious viruses our way.

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