A day in the life of writing The Secrets of Villa Rosso

The Bingergread Cottage

If you are a full-time writer then being organized is crucial and that doesn’t just mean your work space, but how you manage your timetable. Well, when it comes to being organised I’m at the OCD end of the spectrum, as a 100% certified starter/finisher!

So, what does that mean when it comes to writing a full-length novel like The Secrets of Villa Rosso? Well, I’ve never been the sort of writer who can write a couple of thousand words a day sitting at a desk. I often wish that was the case, because it’s much easier to accommodate within the wider timetable. After all, aside from the current work-in-progress, most authors will also be working on edits for their next book due to be published, setting up promotional events ready for launch day and making frequent, daily visits to social media.

My actual working day begins at six…

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