Animals in my Life: Sleepless Musings

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

Sleepless, and inspired by a brilliant post from Running Elk (which I have just re-blogged), my mind flies, with a spear’s swiftness and certainty of purpose, to the animals which have visited me in my life thus far.

The dominant creature is very definitely the dog, and specifically the border-collie. Jumble is the third of the latter variety I have owned since 1978 – and the first pet I remember as a child was our very temperamental, somewhat vicious, border-collie, Roly, a dog who bit first and asked questions later.

A strange synchronicity hit me just now with regard to Bonne, the first of my dogs, and Jumble, number three: Both originally belonged to a partnership; both came with me when the relationship ended – and both began to fade out within six months of a significant move, though I am still hopeful that Jumbs will remain with me for…

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