‘Come Laughing!’ – What it actually IS!

Chronicles of an Orange-Haired Woman!

‘Twas my own fault, though not a deliberate one. But, as a result, this, my first published print-on-demand book, has become shrouded in ambivalence, suspicion and, dare I say it, slightly creepy and unwelcome online messages from young men all over the world!

My fault because, in my enthusiasm to get published and my total naivety, I did not explain properly what the book was – and, perhaps more to the point, what it was, and is, not.

I was stumped myself when it came to choosing the correct labels for the book – so I am not surprised that others have been similarly confused. You see, I labelled it ‘Humorous Erotica’- and, by Goddess, has that mistake come back to haunt me or what?!

For starters, it is a book of short pieces and not a novel. It does not have a coherent plot, a recognisable setting or a…

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