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Bad Moon was the first book I ever wrote, and came about I think, because I am slightly obsessed with the way the people in West Virginia talk.
Some people call them Hillbilly’s and years ago, there was a very funny television programme called The Beverly HillBilly’s. Maybe that was where it started, I don’t know.
I love the place too; it seems so wild and untamed. So much, I sometimes wonder if my father came from there and I have inherited something. I have it on good authority (from my mother) that he was an American.


So when this very distinctive voice began to speak in my head, all about her life and family, in no time at all I was completely hooked. Annie’s story is nothing like “The Walton’s”, no happy family in the usual sense of the word. They do seem to care for each other, but most of the time what they get up to is pretty hard to live with, a conclusion that the girl in my head had already arrived at.
The more she tries to change things, to make them better, the worse they seem to get. Horrible secrets are revealed and bad things keep happening, but this only seems to make her more determined than ever to leave all the pain and sorrow behind.

The trouble with writing such an unusual book is that most publishers won’t touch it with a barge pole. When I first wrote it, I tried very hard to get it published by the mainstream publishing industry. Most of them loved it, saying it was ‘powerfully written’. It very nearly made it, but, and it was a big but, they discovered to their horror that they didn’t know how to market it, and one by one they gave up on it.
I think it is a great story. It has everything, plenty of drama, horrifying storylines, love and passion, all wrapped up in a young girls rapidly growing sense of right and wrong.
I’m still trying to find people who will read it, and dare I say it, review it. It needs to succeed, if only because the book that came after, Simple, is based in West Virginia too and about a similar family group.
In some ways, Simple is worse, as it concerns bullying and the abuse of a mentally impaired family member.

I’m sure that if more people were aware of these books, they would receive more acclaim, but I fear my marketing attempts are inadequate at best.
I’m still in there, swinging… so who knows?




4 thoughts on “Would You Read This Book?

  1. Thank you Anita. Is this the book you wish me to read ( via the gift certificate – very kind of you)? If you can key me know for sure. I will buy and read a nd review it. Please reply , bless.
    Evelyn. GLad to help

    • Bless you, Evelyn. The gift certificate for Bad Moon means it is already paid for, just download it to your Kindle and away you go. Hope you have a very merry Christmas! Anita

  2. I am sure, guven the time and opportunity, I would read and review it. But, theae days, I have no spare cash to buy books, except for zero pennies. If it were on Kindle, I would take a free smple and see how it goes, give a mini review. Best I can do. It does sound interesting. I read a book last year, that normally I would not try, but it was very interesting about the relationship/ or not between a father and son. Liked it very much. Not my normal read, usually.

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