Why I’ll Never Self-Publish

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I don’t intend for this post to be a, “bash self-publishing party,” or to put down the many, fantastic indie authors that I know. Instead, I simply want to respond to a damned annoying statement that gets brought up in almost every conversation I have with self-published authors. Usually it goes something like, “You shouldn’t waste your time trying to get an agent, because indie publishing is so much better,” and it makes me want to kick someone in the teeth. (Not that I could, a punching bag has literally given me a black eye before.)


I completely understand that many indie authors hear the exact opposite of what I am experiencing, and I think it would be interesting to read how an indie author deals with the, “Traditional publishing is the only real publishing,” mindset. For this post, I am only going to focus on my experiences, though I…

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2 thoughts on “Why I’ll Never Self-Publish

  1. Oh dear … this person has it wrong on so many levels. They think all they’ll have to do is sit back and write … and it’s why the ‘big 5-4-3-etc’ trad publishers almost without exception have already, or will do in the very near future, a vanity ‘imprint’ attached to their brand.

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