Mrs Widds Bakes: Bread

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At last … a ‘Mrs Widds bakes’ post.

Enjoy …

All baked and ready to eatAll baked and ready to eat

It’s that time of the week in the Widder household, and as promised, or threatened some might say, I finally managed to remember to take pictures of the process from start to finish … so without further ado, Mrs Widds bakes bread.

First up, boil up ½ a potato with the skin on, until it’s cooked. Drain the water off and set it aside.

Taters about to be boiledTaters about to be boiled

Mash the taters, and set them aside too.

Then assemble your dry ingredients.

“Ingredients, assemble!”“Ingredients, Assemble!”

In a big measuring bowl, add …11½  cups of flour/ grains mix (can be whole wheat/white/unbleached, whatever takes your fancy) Mrs Widds uses unbleached. 11½ cups go into the dough mix and 1½ cups (flour only) will be used in the kneading.

Grains: Mrs Widds throws…

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