Meet Azrael from Angelic Business by @OlgaNM7 #characterinterview #fantasy #ASMSG

Author Biography:Olga Núñez Miret is from Barcelona although now lives in the UK. She’s a psychiatrist who has always loved to read and write and now also does translations.She has a PhD in American Literature, an MSc in Criminology, but her main interest is to tell stories. The Man Who Never Was is the first book she published and was followed by Twin Evils? a YA novella about sibling rivalry taken to extremes, Click Me Happy! a romantic novel with three endings to choose from, Escaping Psychiatry a collection of three noir stories with a psychiatrist as protagonist and/or victim, Family, Lust and Cameras a story of obsessions, voyeurism and “alternative” family relationships and I Love Your Cupcakes a sweet romantic novel set in the world of culinary TV contests. Her latest publication is a YA paranormal trilogy, Angelic Business. The book 1 in the series is called Pink Matters, and book 2 Shapes of Greg.Social Media Links:My website is:www.OlgaNM.comMy Amazon author page is: have a Twitter account: blog is:http://OlgaNM.wordpress.comI also have a Facebook author account:

via Meet Azrael from Angelic Business by @OlgaNM7 #characterinterview #fantasy #ASMSG.

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