About Jaye…

Hello everyone!



Pardon the quality of my image (see above) but I do not photograph well, it’s a minor miracle that the camera used is still intact. I usually prefer not to be photographed, as I cannot stand to see my face anywhere!

I am Jaye, the ‘oily rag’ of this establishment and usually prefer to stay in the background. Not that I am the shy retiring type, but usually far too busy to be very sociable. I have a feeling this is all about to change and that I will have to make more time for all my many hobbies and interests.

Since we decided to self publish our books, all my other interests have had to take a back seat. And as I am not half as clever as I want to be, they may well have to leave the country for a while. Well, some of them can but not all. I am an avid Bonsai fan and have my own collection that demands my attention in the growing season or they will die. (it’s a bit like having children)

I have always preferred to be kept busy, although I did think that now I am over 70 I might be able to relax a bit more, but I don’t think I could do that, not really. I’m too nosey. I have to be doing or looking or trying something new. I make plans in my head, knowing that I am probably wasting my time. But I just can’t help it.

For someone who absolutely loathes computers, I think I have learnt an awful lot. Not that much really, when you consider how much I still don’t know. But as long as there is life in this old body, I will keep on trying, and you never know, our books might just be a little bit successful one day!

It won’t be for the lack of trying, believe me!


15 thoughts on “About Jaye…

  1. Long overdue for checking out your blog in more detail, though I have definitely enjoyed & shared some posts. Nice to learn more about you, and I’m blown away by that gorgeous bonsai. Is that a wisteria? Whatever it is, it’s gorgeous, and drew my eye immediately. (From you comments, I suspect that was your intent. 😀 ) I just wanted to take an extra moment to thank you for all the sharing you do. You guys ROCK! (For such youngsters, that is.) 😉

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      • Hey, 73 is PRIME TIME! Your sister may be the youngster, but you and I are just hitting our stride! (That’s my story, an’ I’m stickin’ to it!) 😀

        Every time I look at that wisteria again, I’m awe-stricken. I know how long it takes to create even a smallish bonsai, and the trunk on that one tells the tale. Plus, wisteria is a vine, which probably makes it even harder to get that look. (Don’t know that for sure of course, since being more into instant gratification, myself, I plant faster growing things that end up swallowing half of my garden.)

        Have a great day, ladies! 🙂

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