About Jaye…

Hello everyone!



Pardon the quality of my image (see above) but I do not photograph well, it’s a minor miracle that the camera used is still intact. I usually prefer not to be photographed, as I cannot stand to see my face anywhere!

I am Jaye, the ‘oily rag’ of this establishment and usually prefer to stay in the background. Not that I am the shy retiring type, but usually far too busy to be very sociable. I have a feeling this is all about to change and that I will have to make more time for all my many hobbies and interests.

Since we decided to self publish our books, all my other interests have had to take a back seat. And as I am not half as clever as I want to be, they may well have to leave the country for a while. Well, some of them can but not all. I am an avid Bonsai fan and have my own collection that demands my attention in the growing season or they will die. (it’s a bit like having children)

I have always preferred to be kept busy, although I did think that now I am over 70 I might be able to relax a bit more, but I don’t think I could do that, not really. I’m too nosey. I have to be doing or looking or trying something new. I make plans in my head, knowing that I am probably wasting my time. But I just can’t help it.

For someone who absolutely loathes computers, I think I have learnt an awful lot. Not that much really, when you consider how much I still don’t know. But as long as there is life in this old body, I will keep on trying, and you never know, our books might just be a little bit successful one day!

It won’t be for the lack of trying, believe me!


26 thoughts on “About Jaye…

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  3. Long overdue for checking out your blog in more detail, though I have definitely enjoyed & shared some posts. Nice to learn more about you, and I’m blown away by that gorgeous bonsai. Is that a wisteria? Whatever it is, it’s gorgeous, and drew my eye immediately. (From you comments, I suspect that was your intent. 😀 ) I just wanted to take an extra moment to thank you for all the sharing you do. You guys ROCK! (For such youngsters, that is.) 😉

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      • Hey, 73 is PRIME TIME! Your sister may be the youngster, but you and I are just hitting our stride! (That’s my story, an’ I’m stickin’ to it!) 😀

        Every time I look at that wisteria again, I’m awe-stricken. I know how long it takes to create even a smallish bonsai, and the trunk on that one tells the tale. Plus, wisteria is a vine, which probably makes it even harder to get that look. (Don’t know that for sure of course, since being more into instant gratification, myself, I plant faster growing things that end up swallowing half of my garden.)

        Have a great day, ladies! 🙂

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  4. A beautiful wisteria one of my favourites…I am also growing old disgracefully I may add at times…haha. You may have guessed given the title of my blog that I will not be giving up anytime soon…Nice to meet you x

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