#Throwback Thursday ~ God’s Fingers # Poetry

Image credit; James Wheeler @ Unsplash
This is not my usual walk 
through the woods with my daughter
Today I am alone, 
walking through God’s Fingers
A warm touch of heaven, I tell myself
My feet leave the ground
My body lifted to the top of the canopy
I hover there like some high wire act
From a forgotten circus
My heart in my mouth
The land lies before me
A giant monopoly board
With houses, hotels, 
a patchwork quilt of adventure
From here I cannot see people
I assume them to be Tom Thumb sized
While I am Gulliver, overlooking Lilliput
For a moment, 
my mind wonders how I will get down
Am I expected to climb?
A firm swift movement 
lowered my feet to the ground
I found my daughters hand in mine
It’s twelve o clock and all’s well…

© Anita Dawes 2021

10 thoughts on “#Throwback Thursday ~ God’s Fingers # Poetry

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