Iain Kelly

After Dad had passed away, it fell to Dave to empty out the family home.

In the garden shed, Dave looked at the collection of oil cans. There was no use for them now and they weren’t worth anything.

He picked up one and opened the lid. There wasn’t oil inside, it was something else.

He put his hand in and felt the cold objects. He pulled out a human finger.

One after another he looked inside the oil cans.

Best to dispose of these and not mention it again, he thought, adding them to the skip outside.

nick-allen-from-sandra-c Copyright Nick Allen

Written as part of the Friday Fictioneers challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields (more details HERE). The idea is to write a short story of 100 words based on the photo prompt (above).

To read stories of 100 words based on this week’s prompt, visit HERE.

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