Giving Double the Value When Posting Amazon Reviews

Cathleen Townsend

book reviewMany of us are avid readers, and what’s more, we even warm the cockles of writers’ hearts by leaving reviews for their books. And if you don’t yet, please allow me to put in my plug for book reviewing in general here. Reviews mean the world to writers, particularly in the early days of their book launch.

I knew this. I already leave review book reviews. What I didn’t know is that I could give double the Amazon value for the same review.

Before, I always reviewed on That’s where I buy my ebooks, and Amazon’s the most important place to have reviews, since most people buy from there. I review on goodreads as well, so I thought I had this reviewing thing down.

Not quite.

I had no idea I could also post reviews for Amazon UK. I found out by participating in a couple of goodreads Reading…

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