Our Reviews…

Shallow Waters    Rebecca Bradley

Cleaved                     Sue Coletta

Poggibonsi              Dan Alatorre

13 Steps to Evil        Sacha Black

A Shiny Coin for Carol Prentice     Mark Barry

The Lost Sentinel       Suzanne Rogerson

No Exit                         Taylor Adams

Watching You           Gretta Mulrooney

Dragonfly Wishes      Penny Harmon

The Enhanced League     Craig Boyack

The Italian Thing            Patricia Salamone

Angel on her Shoulder    Dan Alatorre

Blessed Mayhem         Sue Coletta

Narrow Margins           Marie Browne

Parallel Lies                     Georgia Rose

The Lost Corner            Katrina Mountfort

Blessedly Bound          Lucretia Stanhope

Box Under The Bed      Dan Alatorre

Fractured Lives              Sue Coletta

Will O’the Wisp             Craig Boyack

The Scent of Rain         Anne Montgomery

Summer Day                  Frank Parker

The Emissary                Marcia Mearer

Keepers                          Sacha de Black

The Quiet Child         John Burley

The Fault in our Stars    John Green

The Hat                         C S Boyack

Ninja School Mum      Lizzie Chantree

Password                      Staci Troilo




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