How do I mend my naked life?

Call my mind back from the barren dark side of the moon

Tell me how I stop seeding my thoughts on dark burnt land?

Ash blown memories returning.

Tell me how I fill the black space in my mind

How do I bring back the fruitful gardens of my dreams

Where hope ever beckoned?

I am reminded the burnt blackened forest will seed new life

Life will grow again, where ash scattered yesterday lays

That is Nature, it does what it must.

I am part of Nature, I will let hope renew my life

I will bloom again…

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No Hope

No children’s laughter from the park

The streets are cold and bare.

I see the devil all around

No angels in the air.

Life has played its game on us

The devil wears the crown

Where are all the promises

Our fathers handed down?

The green and pleasant land

With birds that sing all day.

Why has heaven closed its gates

And left us all to pay?

In the book of promises

God said he loved us all

And now the book of judgment

Has made its final call…


Broken Ground

I fight my way back through snow and rain

My home close, I see chimney smoke

Windows lit by lanterns glow

My path lay deep with snow

The lake forgotten

I hear the sound

Ice cracking




Feet wet

Sinking fast

My heart freezing

Hope disappearing

I am lost to this world

My voice blown back by the wind

No help has come to pull me free

I pray the Lord, my soul he will free…




My final chapter here at last

Alas, I am no longer, I have passed.

Let me tell you, the stories from above

Are quite true. If you stick a pin in

It will go right through

My body left below you see

No longer any use to me.

I am new, improved,

And light as candyfloss

Yet I am still me.

A ghost or spirits we are called

So let me tell you this

If you call my name

I will blow my love back on a kiss

You will feel it when soft winds blow

To remind you all still is…




In a blink of an eye

My life was gone, another standing by

The face the same.

My thoughts too strange

No name as yet, I am unborn.

A mother waits somewhere below

If only someone would let me go

A life I would lead, I would give them hell

For having broken my soul in two.

I will strike them once, they will know

I am back to take what’s mine

To send them all down below.

Heaven is empty, they still don’t know

The only fire burning

Is the one we lit so long ago…

©Anita Dawes