Open Book Blog Hop – 13th July

Stevie Turner

Welcome to this week’s blog hop.  Today the topic is:

Have you ever let a story write you into a surprise corner? Do you backtrack or shift gears?

I think the most difficult book for me to write was ‘Examining Kitchen Cupboards‘.  It had more characters than in my other books, and also a main plot in England and then sub-plots in Jersey and Brazil.  I wrote up to where Linus and Desi sat snogging on a bench in Howard Davis Park, and then I left them to it for about eighteen months while I thought about how the story might carry on but mostly concentrated on writing something else.

The whodunnit/suspense novels for me are more difficult to write, but it’s great when the penny drops and you suddenly have a flash of inspiration regarding how the story is going to pan out.  I find the only…

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Child development

Beauty lies within yourself

Raising children with a thought that when parents get old, they can redeem their children from their savings, who would look after them in their old age.Upbringing your children as an asset, “How far is it correct”?

Forgetting the fact that children come through you and not from you. Upbringing children as your future investment will only lead to certain consequences with heavy price to be paid.

Is it correct to up bring your child in such a manner that he always remains dependent on you, in some way or the other?

We often learn and teach to our loved ones that don’t be attached with surroundings, as it only creates pain in your life. Then “Why you want your children to be attached with you”?

When you are planning to have a child or already have make sure:

  • To have a better world, liberate your child from the prison…

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In a Vase on Monday: a Star in the Cosmos

Rambling in the Garden

Sidestepping the glorious dahlias, I went to the other end of the cutting beds and picked some cosmos for the first time this year. They have been flowering for a number of weeks already but only in ones or twos, so I waited till they were giving more generously and there were enough to fill a vase.

These Double Click cosmos have been my go-to variety for a few years, with Double Click Cranberries and Double Click Snow Puff joined this year for the first time by Double Click Rose Bonbon. I love their frilliness and the variable inner ring of petals, and they never fail to disappoint. Today they are popped into one of my larger Caithness Glass vases with a few Briza maxima stems, pulled out of a pot. The star is a seedhead of Allium cristophii, retrieved with several other seedheads from the border realignment I…

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Dear Don: The Initiate…

France & Vincent

Rowan Barbrook (47)Dear Don,

Well, that particular text, really, because we had just been back to the place it all began… so The Initiate just demanded to be read again… I still can’t believe we lived half the stuff in that book!

Okay, the file in the tart was probably just a sop to my conscience…

As to the ‘Stane’… which obviously has a spirit all its own… I cannot imagine the locals relinquishing it a second time…

Interesting about Fergus Mac Roigh’s stone… if it was his own gravestone, then yes, it would have undoubtedly been somewhere more remote than a churchyard in the time of legend… and, I have to ask, what was he doing with a grave marker if he was still living? That throws up some interesting ideas… Was he alive but well prepared? Or dead and revenant? Or both, neither and Other?

I don’t remember having read…

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13. Call the plumber, I am stuck

Salted Caramel

“House hold repairs are no big deal.

I wonder why people pay so much money for them ?

The drain is clogged?

Don’t worry. I will have it unblocked in no time.

Oh ! There seems to be a problem.

Call the plumber, I am stuck !!”

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July writing prompts

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Where was I? #multitasking

Story Empire

Hi, SE friends! Thanks for visiting. You’re with Mae today. Do you remember when no one uttered the word multitasking? When, in the (dinosaur) days of business, projects were conducted one at a time? That manner of productivity seems to have gone the way of roller skate keys and S & H Green Stamps. Who among us doesn’t multitask? I do it on my day job and as an author. It can be mentally exhausting, stressful, and not as efficient as we think.

The other day, I left a simple two-line message for a group I’m connected with through a social platform. Eleven words total. When I went back and looked at it later, I realized there were two typos. Not the end of the world, but it’s embarrassing, and I find myself doing it more frequently. Throughout my (day) career, I have been known as a perfectionist, yet…

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Sketches produced by students on my Virtual Trip to Wales.

My Life as an Artist (2)

‘We are always learning – there is a great joy to be had in not knowing it all.   It keeps the doors open for experimentation, and following the creative path.’    

These sketches are in no particular order.    They were produced by some of thosefollowing myVITUAL VISIT TO WALES.     

Welsh sheep -NanIMG-20200707-WA0007-2Bluebell Woods – DoraIMG-20200712-WA0011canal walk – JaneIMG-20200712-WA0013Warm up exercise – NanIMG-20200710-WA0002-2Jacob Sheep – TessaIMG-20200712-WA0000Mists in the Valley – MoiraIMG-20200712-WA0014Welsh mountain – DoraIMG-20200708-WA0005Mist over the valley – Laura Kate 071020FastStanding Stones – JaneIMG-20200712-WA0012Detail from warm up exercise – NanIMG-20200710-WA0003Bluebell Woods – NanIMG-20200710-WA0005Flowers from Tretower Court garden – Judith107245278_3157835907639138_4681173740273218822_n-2Waterfall – Dora

IMG-20200712-WA0010Sheep and Bumble – TessaIMG-20200710-WA0000Mike Cashell the Butcher – JillIMG-20200712-WA0009High Street, Crickhowell – CorynIMG-20200709-WA0006River Usk –  NanIMG-20200707-WA0008-2Welsh Mountain – CorynIMG-20200710-WA0010Welsh ponies and sheep – DoraIMG-20200707-WA0006River…

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What Day and What Time Is It Anyway? Nearly Monday?


Where Did the Day Go?

My first hat on the Flexee Loom. Just off the loom.

I used this method of decrease for the crown of the hat:

But with the Flexee loom, I could decrease further. I started with 80 pegs as the instruction for an adult hat on the enclosed page. I think that I should have made a few more rows to fit my size adult but I was anxious to see how it would work. So I did all the decreases per the video then moved the loops around to remove links of two every other grouping. In the first case, it was all the lighter color links. Then I did the decreases from the beginning with the video again. Again, at the end, I move the stitches around so as to remove every other link. I followed the video one more time and this time…

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Author Interview: Iain Kelly

Rambles, writing and amusing musings

Welcome to another episode of Author Interviews… I have a great one today. Please welcome Iain Kelly, author of The State series.

The footpath I am walking along is awfully clean and awfully quiet. In fact, I don’t see anyone around at all. Large buildings tower over me, giant blocky shapes like a long white Lego wall. They make housing units out of modules these days. It’s a sign of what is to come. Buzzing sounds in the distance and in seconds a drone is hovering over me. I keep my head down, eyes pinned to the pavement. Don’t look, don’t draw attention to yourself. The drone zooms off and I can breathe easier.


I look into the shadows of a nearby alley. Oh, there is my contact.

Hi Iain… thank you so much for agreeing to participate in my latest Author Interview. Welcome! First up, tell us a…

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