Inky Fingers…


Today, Inky Fingers  is born!

Hopefully, we will be a team of readers and writers, all dedicated to producing the best work possible for all of our members. This is a work in progress, for we have no idea of the best way to go about this, not having done this before or even belonged to a group like this.

A writing team or group is a collection of authors who come together to support and encourage each other.

Authors who would be willing to supply feedback and motivation…

Share their passion for great writing…

And help fellow members develop their writing voices…

We want to meet like-minded authors, both experienced and novice, time and workload permitting.

All we ask is complete honesty in all our undertakings. No time wasters or polite flatterers…

We also think it would be a great idea to promote the authors who join Inky Fingers on our website…

Anyone can join, just get in touch with us …

But mighty oaks start with an tiny acorn, so anything is possible!

Anita Dawes   Founder member

Jaye Marie      Founder Member/secretary    WIP  “Lazy Days”

Frank Parker   ( reading “Lazy Days”)

Patricia Salamone    (reading “Lazy Days”)



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