#Blog Battle

#Blog Battle is hosted every month by Rachael Ritchey…  @RachaelRitchey

15 August 2018   Moon

10 September      Blaze

5  October           Cave

8  November       Education

5  December       Heart

2 January 2019   Flower

7 February         Loss

6 March              Dusk

2 April                   Shift

9 May                    Airtight

4 June                   Corona

3 July                    Stable

August                 Intercept

September         Shield

October               Cloned

November          Harp

December          Innocent

January 2020      Bucket

February             Vivacious

March                  Castle

April                      Brooch

May                       Flute

(opens in a new tab)June                       Liberate

July Wretched

August Tea

September Conceal

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