About Jaye Marie…

Hello everyone!

My name is Jaye Marie, the ‘oily rag’ and half of the establishment that is https://jenanita01.com.

I came to writing late but have always loved books. I think I trained to be a writer due to so many years of transcribing and editing my sister’s books.

When I was growing up, I wanted to be so many things, a doctor, a pianist, or an artist. In all my 79 years, I have had so many jobs and hobbies that my family call me Worzel Gummidge, convinced I have a selection of different heads in a cupboard somewhere!

I love to make things, whether it is something to wear, eat or simply enjoy looking at. These days, time is becoming my enemy, but I can still stretch it a bit when I need to!

I enjoy reading many different genres, so was very surprised to discover a passion for writing detective thrillers. Five of them to date, with more to follow, I’m sure.

I enjoy running our website/blog, and love meeting all the wonderful people who drop in to say hello!


Where you can find me…

Email    jayemarie01@btinternet.com  

website               https://jenanita01.com

Twitter                https://twitter.com/jaydawes2

Facebook            https://www.facebook.com/doubletrouble44/

Goodreads          https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8638857.jaye-marie

Amazon Author Page    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jaye-Marie/e/B00O2ZUFOK/

Pinterest             https://www.pinterest.com/anitajayedawes

Instagram           https://www.instagram.com/jenanita01/

Medium              https://medium.com/@jaydawes2

50 thoughts on “About Jaye Marie…

  1. I am commenting here because the comment section on your “Wretched” post is closed. (Did you know that?)

    From the comments on that site, I see that your piece was not fictional. I am sorry to hear about Anita’s poor health. Prayers for her.

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  3. Dear Jaye, Just read your Journal – week 5! Sorry to hear about the way things are slowly moving! Hopefully, extremely slow, like an old time glacier! One thing they think may be helpful is taking Tumeric twice a day. This is a big part of the diet in India and they have a very low incidence in their older generations. The other thing is that sometimes medications can cause this or the interactions of them together. Sending you blessings and hope and health!!

  4. Hi Jaye, just loved your about page – you cracked me up!!! A wonderful gift from you on Christmas Day – laughter!!! I’ve been avoiding the truth for a decade but it seems I too, am now Officially old – just turned 70 (but only measured in years, just a number, but it has gotten quite large – Ha).

    Seems we have the same feelings about photos. Would love to hear about your adventures in self-publishing. I’m toying with the idea – wondering if it is anything more than just what the old vanity presses used to do?? Would appreciate some links to your experiences if you have posted them. Would appreciate a quick review (if you might find the time) of a couple of my posts to see if you think it might be worthwhile for me to try??
    http://www.thereluctantpoetweb.wordpress.com – HER MOSAIC HEART and I DROPPED A PEBBLE IN A POND.

    Thank you so much for your reblog of my HE HELD MY HEART IN HIS HAND – a very sweet Christmas gift – you guys made my day!! I am following you and looking forward to your posts and exploring your archives too! Wishing you a wonderful and joyous Christmas Day!

    • So glad you liked the sound of me, Chuck. I do try to keep cheerful in this miserable world of ours, always looking for the good stuff!
      As for this self publishing lark, there must be something we can do to be more successful, for others already have! When I find the secret, and I know I will, one of these days, I will tell everybody!

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  7. A beautiful wisteria one of my favourites…I am also growing old disgracefully I may add at times…haha. You may have guessed given the title of my blog that I will not be giving up anytime soon…Nice to meet you x

  8. Long overdue for checking out your blog in more detail, though I have definitely enjoyed & shared some posts. Nice to learn more about you, and I’m blown away by that gorgeous bonsai. Is that a wisteria? Whatever it is, it’s gorgeous, and drew my eye immediately. (From you comments, I suspect that was your intent. 😀 ) I just wanted to take an extra moment to thank you for all the sharing you do. You guys ROCK! (For such youngsters, that is.) 😉

    • Yes, it is a wisteria and quite unusual in a bonsai. I would love one, but it takes years to get one that lovely… BTW… Anita is the youngster… I’m 73 too!

      • Hey, 73 is PRIME TIME! Your sister may be the youngster, but you and I are just hitting our stride! (That’s my story, an’ I’m stickin’ to it!) 😀

        Every time I look at that wisteria again, I’m awe-stricken. I know how long it takes to create even a smallish bonsai, and the trunk on that one tells the tale. Plus, wisteria is a vine, which probably makes it even harder to get that look. (Don’t know that for sure of course, since being more into instant gratification, myself, I plant faster growing things that end up swallowing half of my garden.)

        Have a great day, ladies! 🙂

        • I tried to grow a wisteria once for a bonsai, but it has designs on being a monster and grew six feet tall and counting! But it was lovely, just not a bit small and dainty!

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  11. How wonderful to meet you . That bonsai is gorgeous! I used to hate to be in pix too. But now that I’ve lost some weight, I like it better. So, you do all the computer work? I hope y’all can find success in the world of publishing!

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