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Annie’s Song
by Anita Dawes
Genre: Disturbing Family Drama 
Family or Freedom, which would you choose?
Life in the backwoods of Virginia at the turn of the century was perfect,
until Annie discovers a nasty family secret.
Something her family have been doing for years.
She knows she cannot live like this but her protests fall on deaf ears.
Her struggle to change everything only makes her life so much worse.
forcing her to try and escape…
Annie’s song echoes through the mountains,
her sorrow falls with every drop of rain.
Pieces of her heart lie scattered throughout the forest.
Will her footsteps lead her to the freedom she seeks?
Anita Dawes loves all things esoteric, magical and the otherworldly and
would prefer to live in a fairy tale. In between these moments, she
likes to visit old churches and ancient buildings.

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Reunited and it Feels So Good

Pete Springer

I don’t know if this happens to other people, but sometimes a song lyric from long ago will pop into my head, and I will burst into song. To be clear, I’m not a complete lunatic. I don’t start singing in public places. I usually reserve my performances for my wife.

The usual scenario goes something like this. My wife will be watching The Bachelor or a similar program, probably wondering about her questionable taste in men. I unexpectedly walk into the room and smile as I see the two young lovebirds on the screen, gazing into each other’s eyes. I snuggle up close to my wife and start singing whatever pops into my head. How about a little Lionel Richie? “Lady, I’m your knight in shining armor, and I love you. You have made me what I am, and I am yours.” You have to know me to understand…

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Acting your age.

Tallis Steelyard

Acting your age

I don’t know about anybody else, but I am certainly left struggling when somebody tells me to act my age. Given that I have never been this age before, I don’t know how I ought to behave. Thus I am always ‘acting’ my age. If by some means I could discover how I was supposed to behave then I assure you, I would endeavour to do so.

Obviously I could watch others and see how they behave, but frankly they are not me and obviously cannot be expected to act with the wit, elegance and grace that I habitually display. Indeed, between ourselves, I suspect that they too are somewhat adrift, unsure of how to behave. Thus they too are acting, behaving as they feel they ought to behave. Indeed it may be they have been watching me and are taking me as their exemplar. It would be silly for…

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Reading – Is It Important For Writing(Blogging)?


In installment #34 of of Blogging Insights, Dr. Tanya, examines the importance of reading in terms of its necessity or lack of as it comes to writing and blogging inIs Reading Important?

She asks the following question:

Do you think that reading is an important prerequisite for writing well? If so, what kind of reading material inspires or affects your writing?

As a blogger, who spends time writing in a number of genres and spectors, reading becomes the necessary catalyst for inspiration to occur.

There would be many who see blogging and the writing it entails, as simply sitting at the computer or laptop; pounding away at the keys for a spell and after some time, a post appears.

A bit of an overgeneralization, but in essense that’s what happens.

However, in order for that to happen for myself and I suspect others as well, there needs to be…

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Celebrating 6 Years Of Rosie’s #Bookreview Team #RBRT With Team Member @CathyRy

Rosie Amber

Recently we celebrated our review team’s six year anniversary by revealing fourteen of the team’s favourite books.

You can find out which books they were in part one and part two.

I invited some of my team members to tell us more about being part of the book reviewing team.

Welcome to Cathy Ryan, who also writes book reviews at Between The Lines Book Blog

I’ve just been reminded that Rosie’s Book Review Team is six years old! That means BetweenTheLines is also six years old. I joined the team a few months after I began my blog and am still enjoying the experience. Rosie does a great job coordinating everything and many books have come my way that I probably would have missed otherwise, and more than a few authors have become firm favourites, such as Terry Tyler, Carol Hedges, Adrienne Vaughan, Liza Perrat…the list goes on.

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Losing trees: Tosho

Nebari Bonsai

Well, it has been a while since I lost a tree. Unfortunately, this was an imported, collected needle juniper. They’re uncommon. I have owned it for 4 years, and it’s always been healthy. It was repotted last in 2018, and doing fine until this spring.

January 1, winter color, nothing unusual.

End of February, still seems ok.

End of May, clearly dead.

What happened? Unpotting it revealed some rotting roots on one side: under the thickest of the moss, and very broken down soil underneath, with some earthworms present as well:

So what’s the verdict? Could be root rot, could be the late frost we had in April, could have been ready for a repot sooner, could have been too wet. Regardless, here’s a sad parting shot.

But I’ll end the post with one of my favorite photos of the tree. Club show, May 2018. On a David Knittle table…

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