The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee ~ Tree of Trees

I thought Thursday would be an ordinary day, it began ordinarily enough.

I ploughed through the daily chores, wondering all the while what the day would bring. If the weather held, I wanted to tackle an overgrown flower bed that had been tormenting me long enough.

The writing desk hadn’t seen much of me lately, so a lot to catch up there too. All in all, there was a very pleasant sense of anticipation going on.

The sun was determined to make a show of it, so I escaped from the house to check on my precious seedlings, wondering if my tiny tomatoes would be encouraged to grow today.

What day it really was, gradually filtered through from the back of my mind, and all thoughts of my previous plans faded away. Celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee had already began and the traditional flypast was due just after lunch. I do love a little tradition and seeing the Red Arrows always goes down well.

I have always felt an affinity with her Majesty. We were both born in May and love horses. I think she shares my wicked sense of humour and also the patience of a saint. At 96, she still has that twinkle in her eye when she smiles.

Getty Images: a team of workers add the final parts to the Queen’s Green Canopy ahead of the Platinum Jubilee on May 24, 2022 in London.

While I was watching the proceedings surrounding Bucking Palace, a weird looking tree right outside the Palace gates caught my eye. I didn’t recall it being there before and it looked odd, not having much luck of looking like a proper tree, so I was curious as to its purpose.

A little later, they began to talk about it, and I learned that this 21m tree is an important part of the Jubilee celebrations, called The Tree of Trees. A sculpture designed by British designer Thomas Heathwick, to hold 350 native British saplings to commemorate the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative, in which over a million trees have been planted. These saplings are due to be planted around the country as a living part of the Jubilee.

Getty Image: Thomas Heathwick, designer of the Tree of Trees sculpture, part of the Queen’s Green Canopy Project placed in f front of Buckingham Palace ahead of the Platinum Jubilee.

Seeing this incredible tree and knowing its purpose, made the day even more special for me…

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  2. The ‘tree of trees’; what a lovely concept, Jaye. And the Red Arrows… can never watch them without a tear forming! Many years ago, Bernie was with friends high up on one of the Lakeland mountains. The Red Arrows flew past, in formation, beneath the group. She says it’s difficult to ever top that ‘salute’!

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